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  2. Every club in our network accepts the AngelsDeck Global Ventures rules and guidelines - a three-level filtration system that provides serious collective screening and allows for all risks to be identified.

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  4. The three-level filtration system guarantees that our participants have exclusive access to the most promising deals.


An experienced, proven syndicator carries out due diligence by verifying the considered company’s financial condition and evaluating its business activities and commercial prospects.

Syndicators must operate by the principle of ‘skin in the game,’ investing in the deal and confirming its prospects.

The investment committee, composed of club founders and other experts, examines the deal.

After the above steps have been completed, the deal is presented to the club members for discussion and entered into the central system for sharing deals throughout the AngelsDeck Global Ventures network.



Best Practicies

We share best practices for syndicating deals and working with the community

Our mission is to make a significant contribution to the growth of the angel investing through the development of syndications and effective community collaborations.

A Syndicate



Is a group of professional private investors who come together for joint investment in early-stage startups. Experienced investors with sufficient qualifications can become syndicators and propose deals. Syndicated deals help raise multiple investment rounds of different amounts, and they do this faster than venture capital funds.

AngelsDeck’s Dictionary

The Key Element of Syndicated Deals

is the opportunity to be at the forefront of technological progress. By investing in syndicated deals, investors steadily gain experience and knowledge from new areas of activity.

Growth and Development

AngelsDeck Global Ventures not only gathers experienced syndicators from all over the world. We also contribute to the growth and development of our members.

We Teach Venture Investing

from the ground up and help experienced investors become syndicators. Our club participants frequently meet at unique events around the world, such as conferences, round tables, and social events, to share experiences and exchange knowledge.


IT infrastructure allows for effective management of both the community and investment deals

AngelsDeck Global Ventures provides each club in its network with a suite of IT services and solutions that combine two important working elements:

  • 1

    Advanced Modern Methods For Working Effectively with the Community

  • Participant's admission and user identification

  • Rewards system gamification for club participation

  • Registration for events

  • Participation payment

  • Networking and searching for helpful contacts

  • Others

  • 2

    Customized infrastructure that allows you to make transactions

  • A deals list with detailed descriptions and real-time information on funds raised in each round

  • Tools for initiating deals

  • Analytics for the participant's portfolio

  • Investment analytics for the club

Global platform for networking and communication

Creating helpful connections is one of the most important elements of personal success in the VC. Participants of the AngelsDeck Global Ventures network benefit from infrastructure to gain meeting and connection opportunities, regardless of where they live. Our investors interact with their colleagues worldwide.

Your AngelsDeck Global Ventures membership gives you the power to enjoy valuable connections with like-minded people from around the world at the touch of a button.

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